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BWA Auto offers an extensive range of ECU upgrades from the leaders in car performance software from Unitronic and Hex Tuning. We have software to suit your cars performance enhancements, be it exhaust and intake modifications, turbo and engine upgrades or injector and fuel pump upgrades. We also offer ECU upgrades for VWAudiBMWMercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini just to name few.

BWA Auto ECU & TCU Upgrades
Unitroinc Deliver the Power

Unitronic Performance Software

At the cutting edge of technology, Unitronic’s Headquarters features some of the most sophisticated tools and equipment to engineer the finest automotive performance products. Unitronic’s DTS/Superflow Engine Dynamometer and MAHA Chassis Dynamometer allows Unitronic with the ability to conduct proper research, development, testing, and validation of its Performance Software and Hardware products; ultimately allowing Unitronic to DELIVER THE POWER™ to its Clients with unmatched reliability.

Unitronic Performance Hardware

Unitronic’s Hardware Engineering Department utilises the latest in 3D scanning technology with its in-house 3D Laser Scanner. This tool provides its team with the ability to develop Performance Hardware products with the highest level of precision currently possible within our industry. This translates to perfect fitment and maximum performance possible, while reducing prototyping and quality control validation time frames. Because of the “lab-like” installation of our Dyno Room and components, Unitronic is able to replicate any temperature, condition, load, or road-like environment. These tools gives us the possibility to test various stock engines, as well as Unitronic’s Hardware Products for their performance, reliability, strength, and integrity.

Total Synergy Between Hardware and Software Products

After Unitronic’s years of knowledge and expertise in software calibrations, it often identified voids in the marketplace when calibrating its performance software in conjunction with poorly engineered and designed third-party hardware. As a result, Unitronic introduced its Performance Hardware line to match its unique quality standards. This translates to a complete performance package of staged performance software and hardware.

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BWA Auto Hex Tuning

Here at BWA auto combined with Hex Tuning we offer Dyno proven performance tuning solutions for all the high end brands with ECU upgrades to suit Alfa Romeo, AudiBMW M, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes AMG & Porsche.

ECU (Engine Control Unit) Tuning is the science of refining the factory calibration of an engine’s operation to enhance power and torque at the request of the driver. The manufacturer sets the engine performance with a series of functions, rules and data in the ECU software. Skilled adjustment of the data can allow safe increases in power and throttle response to your driving experience.

TCU (Transmission Control Unit) Tuning offers the driver a variety of enhancements dependent upon the application such as DSG (VAG Dual Clutch), SMG , DCT (BMW Dual Clutch) or R-Tronic (Audi pneumatic clutch). TCU upgrades can reduce gear selection and shift times resulting in enhanced acceleration with less time spent in between gears.

HEX Tuning is the software division of VF-Engineering and uses the state of the art equipment to develop and test effective ECU software upgrades for power enhancement without the use of any piggy back devices. ECU manufacturers like Siemens and Bosch use a range of complex microprocessors which are often accessible through the OBD2 (diagnostic port) or the manufacturers access port on the ECU itself.

HEX Tuning creates software upgrades for most high-performance vehicles.

BWA Auto Hex Tuning
BWA Auto Hex Tuning

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Our Upgrade Services Include

ECU & TCU Upgrades

BWA Auto offers an extensive range of ECU & TCU upgrades from the leaders in performance software from Unitronic and Hex Tuning.



Engine Upgrades

At BWA Auto we can offer an extensive range of upgrades for your vehicles engine. Starting with simple intake modifications, intercooler and turbo upgrades all the way to full blown built engines.


Brake Upgrades

At BWA Auto we have invested heavily into the latest diagnostic equipment and have access to all the latest service information using our worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturer contacts.


Exhaust Upgrades

From down pipe and hi-flow cat sections, cat-back systems, headers and full turbo back systems, BWA Auto has an exhaust system to get your vehicle performing at its full potential.


Suspension Upgrades

With components from leading manufactures including Bilstein, Koni, KW Suspensions, H&R and Eibach, BWA Auto can offer suspension upgrades to enhance your vehicles handling capabilities.


Performance Packs

View our performance packs which include ECU Stage 1+, TCU Stage 1, Turbo Elbow and Unitronic Intake


The Major Brands We Service