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Exhaust Upgrades

For European Cars in Sydney

BWA Auto Exhaust Upgrades

With the latest offerings from Unitronic, Kline, and Scuderia auto art, BWA Auto has a range of exhaust options to suit your VW or Audi, right through to your high end super cars like your McLaren Lamborghini or Ferrari. From down pipe and hi-flow cat sectionscat-back systemsheaders and full turbo back systems, BWA Auto has an exhaust system to get your vehicle performing at its full potential.

Kline exhausts offers a no compromise product, and we therefore take a no compromise approach to design and manufacture.

Kline offers a full original equipment design and manufacture service. From your drawings, or design brief, we are able to 3d model final designs, offer consultation, and then manufacture tooling and fixtures for production, as well as final production runs of low to medium volume, offering the right harmonics so that you’re turning heads on the street and the track for all the right reasons.

With our proprietary chamber designs and muffler technology, we’re able to turn your exhaust system into an aggressive beast without waking up the neighbours or getting any other unwanted attention, while putting down the power you demand from a performance exhaust.

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Our Upgrade Services Include

Brake Upgrades

At BWA Auto we have invested heavily into the latest diagnostic equipment and have access to all the latest service information using our worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturer contacts.


Exhaust Upgrades

From down pipe and hi-flow cat sections, cat-back systems, headers and full turbo back systems, BWA Auto has an exhaust system to get your vehicle performing at its full potential.


ECU & TCU Upgrades

BWA Auto offers an extensive range of ECU & TCU upgrades from the leaders in performance software from Unitronic and Hex Tuning.


Engine Upgrades

At BWA Auto we can offer an extensive range of upgrades for your vehicles engine. Starting with simple intake modifications, intercooler and turbo upgrades all the way to full blown built engines.


Suspension Upgrades

With components from leading manufactures including Bilstein, Koni, KW Suspensions, H&R and Eibach, BWA Auto can offer suspension upgrades to enhance your vehicles handling capabilities.


Performance Packs

View our performance packs which include ECU Stage 1+, TCU Stage 1, Turbo Elbow and Unitronic Intake


The Major Brands We Service